Vastari | Connecting Museums and Collectors Worldwide for Exhibitions
Vastari Exhibition Connection

Connecting collectors and
institutions worldwide
for exhibition loans and tours

  • For Collectors:
    • Exposure to top museum professionals worldwide
    • Increase the cultural significance of collection
    • Get researched by experts in the field
  • For Institutions:
    • Access to privately owned objects
    • Find future partners, sponsors or patrons
    • Collection sharing with other institutions
    • Global marketing for touring exhibitions


  • Vastari provides tools for private collection management and exhibition loans COLLECTORS
    Upload their collections anonymously to Vastari. They can also research related exhibitions.

  • Vastari allows art institutions to find new art for their exhibitions INSTITUTIONS
    Find the perfect piece for their exhibits. They can also anonymously upload requests for objects.

  • Vastari has a network of art curators and collectors for exhibition loans correspond
    The connecting platform for Collectors and Curators to securely communicate with each other.

  • Vastari connects art curators and art collectors agree
    Once a successful connection is made on Vastari, both parties agree on the terms of the exhibition loan.

  • Vastari allows you to exhibit art exhibit
    The museum arranges for shipping and insurance logistics, to bring the work of art to the exhibition.