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Marta Olszewska

Marta is an Asian Art specialist, with an emphasis on Japanese antiques.



Tulipmania: Economic Disaster or Artistic Cultivation?

Marta Olszewska explores the positive outcomes of the Dutch tulip craze in the early 1600's.


A Complex Tapestry: Contemporary Art from Sub Saharan Africa

The vast geographical expanse of Africa offers endless sources of inspiration for the art world to absorb.


"Collecting is a Disease" A Tête-a-tête with Dr. Caravana

Marta and Angela of Vastari interview Dr Caravana about his collection and beliefs.


"Satisfaction, Mind Pleasure and Soul Elevation:" A Tête à Tête with Pascal Butel

A passion for ancient Asian Art runs in his family; Pascal Butel opens his private treasure chest and shares his thoughts on


Protection and Recording- Our Mission of Looking After Art

How safe are the masterpieces entrusted to us by previous generations? How well are the museums looking after them?