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Robert Seidman

Robert Seidman is an accomplished novelist and screenwriter. He wrote the award-winning One Smart Indian, published by Overlook Press in 1979 (never been out of print); Bucks County Idyll, Simon and Schuster, 1980; co-author with Don Gifford, Ulysses Annotated, University of California Press, (never been out of print). The author has a track record for various film projects, one (Riding the Rails) of which was nominated for an Academy Award. His latest novel, Moving Pictures, was published in November 2012. To date, the reception of the book has been pleasing to its author.



The Colors of Hilaire Hiler (Part 1)

It's Paris in the 60's. Bob meets famed American painter Hilaire Hiler (1898-1966). This is his story.


The Colors of Hilaire Hiler (Part 2)

It is now New York in 1973. Bob still has Hilaire Hiler (1898-1966) in his thoughts after his experience in Paris in the 60s, well after Hiler's death.