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Lisa Daniels

Lisa Daniels is an independent art historian, writer, researcher and editor based in London, England. Originally from the United States, she has worked in the Interiors Department of Christie's (New York) and in research positions with the Brooklyn Museum and The New York Historical Society.



Horace Walpole: An 18th Century Collector with Foresight

Museums and collectors today owe a great deal to the eccentric 18th century collector and historian, Horace Walpole. Ahead of his time in many ways, Walpole understood the importance of preserving, documenting and displaying both historic and modern objects, some of which were not even considered ‘art’ at the time. By building a collection of a few thousand objects he deemed to be significant or beautiful, and turning his home into a display space for them, Walpole paved the way for many museums that would follow his example in the years to come.