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Expert Consultancy Services

Vastari Group offers these additional services are offered on a bespoke basis, to assist in the relationship between collections and museums, and increase the probability of exhibition loans and tours from private collections.

Catalogue, Manage and Curate the Collection to Museum Standards
Make your collection accessible in a museum-ready format

Cataloguing a collection is the first step to make it accessible to the public and to the experts in the field. Vastari offers:

- Experts who are a global authority in their field to research key pieces
- On-site analysis and identification
- Condition reporting for insurance, conservation and future exhibition loans

High resolution images are essential for the collection to be published in printed material. Our global network of professional photographers can offer on-site photography, colour analysis and image optimisation to museum standards.

Creating a digital record is essential to any 21st century collection. Vastari will create digital records of the works in the collection using its inventory management system - thus also becoming available to museum curators worldwide for exhibition loans.

Exhibition Curation
Assistance from a Vastari independent curator to put together touring exhibition proposals, catalogues and/or publications to be made available to museums worldwide; where the up-front cost would be recovered by the hiring fees achieved.


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Finding the perfect museum partners for your collection tour

Bespoke research and introductions encompass:

- Valuable and extensive reports containing detailed information on future exhibitions relating to specific collections and art works, with data analytics on global trends
- A direct line to over 3,500 museum professionals Vastari is in constant conversation with, and an address book of over 15,000 contacts
- Everyday assistance in view of quick and successful loan agreements
- Publication of works of art within exhibition catalogues and academic articles by curators and scholars registered with Vastari

The main steps:

- The collector, corporation, foundation or institution selects the artworks to be exhibited and/or researched
- Vastari locates a shortlist the best museums for those works, using the Vastari Institutions and Vastari Professionals databases
- Vastari provides references and data arranged in a comprehensive report
- The collector, corporation, foundation or institution selects their perfect partners for their upcoming project or tour


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For those looking to start an exhibition tour, either exploring a new market or developing a concept, Vastari's team of world-class consultants is available to research the feasibility, attractiveness, market interest and strategic opportunities.


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Building the future of art technology
Vastari is constantly working on using the latest technologies to improve and streamline the lending and touring process from logistics to networking - and also improving transparency within the art world between the private and public sector.

Working with a variety of strategic partners, we are building the next generation of software for the future world of art, culture and exhibitions.


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