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Vastari is an online platform that connects private collectors with museums to facilitate temporary exhibition loans. The service provides a non-partisan channel of communication between the collector of art (Private Member) and the curator/museum (Institutional Member). As a result, the collector benefits from targeted contact with cultural institutions, whereas the institution profits from wider curatorial choices in the private sector. Through Vastari, collectors can securely and anonymously register their objects to an online platform that will be accessible only to verified and accredited museum curators. If a museum professional is interested in a specific piece, they may message the owner through the Vastari Messaging System. This guarantees that no personal details are exchanged until both parties feel comfortable. Following this, agreements for loan arrangements can be established.
Museums around the world organise thousands of exhibitions every year and are in constant lookout for new and exciting pieces to include. Having your work in a museum exhibition is important to validate its provenance and increase its cultural value. All of the users on our system will be able to maintain their anonymity by default unless they wish to make their name visible. Vastari offers Private Collectors the opportunity to: Improve the importance and increase the value of your collection By making your pieces available to museum professionals for temporary exhibitions, your pieces will benefit from an enhanced provenance, which ultimately maintains and raises the value of the object. Additionally, when lending to a museum, you will be able to obtain new research and information about your piece that may have previously been unknown is uncovered. Our service is not connected to the commercial market, as we do not buy or sell art on Vastari. However, if you wish to sell your work in the future, collaborating with museum exhibitions and lending works helps maintain and increase the object's cultural value. Organise and digitise your collection online Digitising your collection – taking photographs and documenting every work – is common practice in museums to ensure all objects are accounted for and recorded. This practice is valuable for private collectors as well as for security, insurance, and networking opportunities. Exhibition loan advice Once you have a successful connection, you may have questions about the legal, insurance, and logistical needs required. The Vastari team is happy to assist with these matters. We have great relationships and partnerships with leading suppliers in the industry.
Search for objects that relate to your upcoming exhibitions. Searching for objects on Vastari is beneficial; as you will be assured that the owner has a predisposition and an interest in lending. Through the Vastari Messaging System you can directly contact an object's owner without disclosing any personal or institutional details. Upload your exhibition calendar online to source privately owned works. You can give select details about your exhibition "required object" listing to the Vastari community allowing private collectors to contact you about your idea or proposal. Additionally, it is important to know that you will not have to disclose your institution's name or information during this process. Organise and digitise your collection online Vastari works with your in-house collection management system, and helps you with loans to other museums who might be planning an exhibition related to your collection. Access the Vastari Exhibitions (VTEN) Budget cuts are forcing museums to improve the management of their finances and to think of ways to reduce the costs involved in curating an exhibition. Collaborating with other institutions and sharing costs and risks seems to be the way forward. Additionally, many of our top collectors are eager to lend their whole collection to museums for temporary exhibitions. Using Vastari Exhibitions, institutions can: Upload past exhibitions that are available for other institutions to borrow. Look for exhibitions or private collections to borrow. Look for sponsors. Contact Institutions and Sponsors directly through the platform. This marketplace is accessible at our Vastari Exhibitions website. If you are interested in being part of this network please contact the Vastari Exhibitions team for more details.
Vastari's main priority is keeping your artwork safe. Vastari does not store any personal details on the website and the only users who can see what collectors upload on the site are validated and approved museum professionals. Vastari's team personally and individually verifies every Institutional Member to ensure their identity. Specific Privacy Settings will allow you to conceal your full name and identity to other users. This way, Vastari can guarantee your privacy will be respected when dealing with other members. If you suspect a user to be misusing our system, or is not who they claim they are, please contact us immediately at
There are various features that set Vastari apart from other systems: Security: Vastari restricts access to objects only to verified museum professionals. No other private members will be able to look at any other works uploaded but their own Networking: Vastari offers its users the opportunity to connect with others using the system, in comparison to more administrative tools provided elsewhere. Publishing:Vastari publishes noteworthy articles as well as important interviews regarding the collecting and curating practice. Opportunities: Vastari publishes Opportunities from museums and institutions that provide an interesting newsfeed for collectors.
As of June 2015, Vastari is run by Vastari Group Ltd, a privately funded company. The company was founded by Francesca Polo and Bernadine Brocker with several equity investors.
Yes, you can. If you want to upload your private collection, please register again as a Private member. For institutional members we can only accept accredited, non- profit museums and curators. Our team will check the identity within two business days of application. If you are an independent or for profit institution creating non-profit exhibitions please contact contact Francesca Polo If you have any trouble signing in, please contact our Customer Service support team at or +44 (0) 207 846 0088
When you upload your collection, it will appear in the Institutional "Object Search" database. A museum or a curator can contact you if they are interested in it by clicking a button stating "Contact Owner". Through this function, they may send you a message requesting further information. You will be notified via email that you have received a new message on your Vastari Inbox. Please check your Vastari Inbox and Object Notifications regularly. It is important to note that records of your pieces will be saved individually rather than as a whole collection. This is to protect our users anonymity by preventing works from being linked to specific users.
As a collector, you might actively want to find out if there are exhibitions related to your collection. Artists Sought When you log in, there are calls from curators titled "Artists Sought". These are exhibitions at inception phase, where the curator is not ready to upload all the information about the exhibition. Respond to this call and the curator will contact you when they are ready to include your object in their show. Exhibitions with Objects Required These more formal listings tell collectors what exhibitions are being planned in more detail, and the curator here will add information about the type of works they are looking for and when the show will be going on. Notifications will be created for collectors ever month based on the attributes that match between object and exhibitions: these include but are not limited to Artist/Maker/Finder Name, Geographical Origin, Cultural Origin and Movement/Theme. Remember, the more terms attributed and tagged to your object will help it appear in more search results and create more targeted notifications.
Request a trial account here. The trial account allows you to upload information and preferably a picture of one of your artworks. Either wait for museums to contact you or actively search and apply for exhibitions.
By uploading your images, you (the owner) maintain the copyright and Vastari has no right over them. For your security, Vastari adds a watermark to all images uploaded. This is to ensure that any users who download or screengrab the image will not be able to misuse it. In future, we would love to promote Vastari's success stories and use images uploaded to the site, but if we were ever going to do this, we would need previous authorisation from the owner. For more information please refer to our "Ownership" section in our Terms and Conditions.
Vastari only deals with loans and not acquisitions. This guarantees our non-partisan status as a company involved in lending works to exhibitions. We earn from subscriptions to our service rather than commissions for successes.
The only mandatory fields for an object upload are Category (I.e. Fine Art vs. Antiques vs. Memorabilia), Title, and Artist/Maker/Finder (this can be anonymous or unknown). Any extra information uploaded, as well as any images, only increases the probability of your work to be found by museum professionals and chosen for an exhibition. If you wish to remain very discreet you can upload only a limited amount of information but of course this also limits the amount of searches your work will appear in. No details on pricing are ever stored.
We consider the curator as a measure of 'vetting' when they search the system. They decide which works are what they are looking for and interested in. Curators are also able to report any items that do not appear to be correct. Our team checks that the work appears “museum-worthy” and is not a clear mistake or fake when it is uploaded. We will not get involved with in-depth authenticity or other research unless we are asked to do so by the owner of the work or a curator. Additionally, we have a good relationship with the our Art Loss Register, who will research works uploaded to our site for any past criminal activity if necessary. Registered Vastari members receive free searches with the Art Loss Register based on their membership.

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