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Join us on our journey to revolutionise the art & museum sector, by building industry-leading technology

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Our values

We aim to bring transparency and create industry standards to facilitate exhibition collaborations worldwide.


We are challenging the status quo in the arts and culture sector and we expect each and every employee to contribute to this process by challenging assumptions and suggesting better approaches

We value initiative: better to take risks and strive to improve and change than to stagnate


We are here to last, and believe in making the most of our resources at any point in time

We strive to empower both our clients and employees to achieve great goals through a cost-conscious approach

Many current practices in the industry are unsustainable and held up for appearances. We believe in transparently effective practices rather than appearances


We believe in learning from each other and sharing our skills and knowledge

Whether you are a museum starting to work internationally or a new member of our team, there is no better place to start learning than from your peers

The knowledge we are gathering is innovative for the sector, so the old saying rings true: knowledge is power

What we offer

Company culture is one of the most important things for us. We believe that happy employees are the key to success.


  • We believe in transparency and accountability
  • We track and measure everyone’s impact
  • We are open about our opinions, feelings and assumptions both at leadership, team level and with our clients


Your results are more important than

  • The number of hours you work
  • Where you work from
  • How many new things you need to learn to achieve your goal
  • Any struggles you might encounter


We value performance, and want to empower both our clients and our employees to develop themselves by asking them to work closely with us and challenging themselves


Join us on our journey to revolutionise the museum & art sector. Our popular internship programme covers all aspects of a fast-growing startup in the exhibition space, with full training provided on industry-leading technology.

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Applicants need to be in full time education and required to do an internship as part of their course