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£ 50/month 60/month $ 70/month
Upload objects up to 50
Respond to loan requests
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Invitation to attend Vastari Webinars
Access to Vastari Reports
Access to Vastari Webinar Recordings
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Vastari do?

Vastari is an online platform that connects museum-quality object or exhibition owners with institutions globally, in turn helping to facilitate temporary exhibition loans and tours. In 2019, Vastari matched nearly £2bn worth of content with venues for international public display.

How does Vastari work?

Through Vastari, object and exhibition owners can securely and anonymously list the objects/exhibitions they would like to promote for loan or tour on a secure online platform accessible to institution professionals verified by our team. If a member is interested in a specific piece for a loan, they may message the owner through the Vastari Messaging System. This ensures that no personal details are exchanged until both parties are happy to do so. Following this, arrangements for loan or tour agreements can be negotiated independently.

How safe are my objects/exhibitions on the Vastari platform?

If you suspect a user to be misusing our system, or is not who they claim they are, please contact us immediately at

What does Vastari provide the Object owner?

Museums around the world organise thousands of exhibitions every year and are constantly searching for new and exciting pieces to augment their offerings. Having your work in a museum exhibition is important to validate its provenance and increase its cultural and economic value. All of the users on our system will be able to maintain their anonymity by default unless they wish to make their name visible. Additionally, when lending to an institution, collectors will potentially be able to obtain new research and information about their object. Vastari is able to provide exhibition loan advice: once a successful connection is made, collectors may have questions about the legal, insurance, and logistical requirements. The Vastari team is happy to assist with these matters. We have long established relationships and partnerships with leading suppliers in the industry.

I am an art advisor, can I join Vastari on behalf of my clients?

Our terms and conditions would allow for this if the party is "a third party duly authorised to act on behalf of the legal owner of the property". Art advisors must have a legal agreement to represent their clients on the Vastari platform.

I am an artist and have never exhibited my works. Is Vastari the right platform to promote me to museums?

The Vastari platform works to match content with the most likely venue who would like to exhibit it. Any artist may join the platform, however, likely success increases relative to the profile of the artist and works. For emerging artists, we need to have other angles to promote the work, a compelling theme or mission statement that will entice risk-averse institutions. Emerging artists may be more likely contacted by private museums and venues rather than state and civic museums.

What is the difference between Vastari and Artsy?

The Vastari exhibition platform is for content owners to loan their objects to institutional exhibitions and programming, whereas Artsy is a sales platform for content owners to sell objects.

If I upload photographs of my objects, what happens to the copyright?

When uploading images, the owner maintains the copyright and Vastari has no rights over them. For your security, Vastari adds a watermark to all uploaded images. This is to ensure that any users who download the image will not be able to misuse it. For more information, please refer to the "Ownership" section in Vastari's Terms and Conditions.

Can I upload objects, publish and apply for a ‘Request’ during my free trial of Vastari Collections?

Yes, you have full access to the platform during your free trial.

Is my name attached to my objects on the platform?

No. Your name is not attached to your objects on the platform. Specific Privacy Settings allow you to conceal your full name and identity to other users (this anonymity is maintained by default unless you wish to make your name visible in an application to an Object Request). This way, Vastari can guarantee your privacy will be respected when interacting with other members.

Is my whole collection visible together on the platform?

No. Your collection is not visible as a collective unit on our platform. Institutions can only view objects relevant to their search criteria and cannot search via a user's name because they are not able to see Content Owners' names on the platform.

Is Vastari involved in loan agreements?

After a successful introduction on the Vastari platform, the conversation between interested parties continues independently. Vastari does not review or get involved with any aspects of loan agreements negotiated between users. Vastari's mission is to connect interested people.

Does Vastari take commission on the sale of an object?

No. Vastari does not facilitate any commercial transactions, we simply facilitate the introductions. Vastari's platform is not connected to the commercial market, as we do not buy or sell art, and do not charge any commission on the eventual sale of objects.

I'm an artist/collector, but instead of loaning objects individually I'd prefer to promote my collection as a show. What should I do first?

Firstly, you need to ensure you can create a detailed exhibition proposal featuring a show description which includes: show type, its availability, space requirements, and hiring fee. If you have this criteria ready, with Vastari Exhibitions you can use the platform to promote the exhibition. However, if your exhibition is not ready to be presented and you require guidance, we would strongly advise that you get in touch with us for bespoke advice from our exhibition specialists.