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Touring your exhibitions allows you to reach new audiences and extend public awareness of your collection and institution.

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If you're looking to host an exhibition, browse a marketplace of ready-made or customisable exhibitions for your programme.

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Connect directly with curators from accredited museums who are actively looking for objects for their exhibition programme.

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If you're a Curator, this is a powerful tool which allows you to browse through over 700,000 works to include in upcoming exhibitions.

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This powerful database of over 6,000 institutions keeps track of museums, galleries and exhibition organisers. By making this publicly accessible, we help institutions discover and research new business models.

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Vastari Reports provide insights into the lead times at museums, what expectations they have of partners, and the type of content that is most popular, to formulate effective exhibition touring strategies. The Exhibition Finance Report delves deeper into these issues by analysing the available institutional budgets per exhibition.

Vastari Reports

We offer additional services on a bespoke basis, to assist in the relationship between collections and museums, and increase the probability of exhibition loans and tours from private collections.

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A central hub where exhibition professionals can market their services to museums and private collectors worldwide. Available to museum curators, independent curators, university lecturers, PhD candidates and post-graduate students.

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