Vastari Collections

Great collaborations happen when the private and public sector come together to work on exhibitions.

Vastari is the only platform which allows collectors and curators to connect within a secure and private environment to discuss exhibition collaborations.

Sharing artworks

If you own an art piece that you want to see on museum walls, you can anonymously list your works and/or connect directly with curators from accredited museums who are actively looking for items for their upcoming exhibitions.

Finding artworks

If you are looking for pieces for an exhibition, access thousands of privately owned pieces and connect with collectors with a predisposition to lend.

Manage your collection
Upload and manage your pieces on our CMS and decide which ones you want to anonymously make visible to curators
Access the largest database of privately owned pieces available for exhibitions (only accessible to non-profit organisations organising non-selling shows)
Discover what curators are looking for and proactively reach out to suggest your works
Let our existing network know what you are looking for and find the perfect pieces for your upcoming exhibitions
Share the works in your collection with art professionals both within and outside our network

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Promoting collections

Anyone who would like to lend individual pieces to exhibitions including:

  • Collectors
  • Art advisors
  • Artists
  • Dealers
  • Foundations
  • Private museums
  • Wealth managers
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Finding privately owned works

Non-profit accredited museums who would like to include privately owned piece in their upcoming exhibitions.

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