Vastari Collections

Great collaborations happen when the private and public sector come together to work on exhibitions.

Vastari Collections is a part of Vastari’s online exhibition platform, the most comprehensive of its kind, which enables content owners (collectors, galleries, artists and public or private institutions) to share objects of cultural value and make them available for loan to institutions across the globe.

Sharing objects

Anonymously list objects of cultural value to connect with curators from accredited museums who are actively looking for potential loans.

Finding objects

Access thousands of privately owned objects of cultural value and connect with collections ready to lend.

Discover what curators are looking for and proactively apply to object requests
Share the works in your collection with art professionals both within and outside our network

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Promoting collections

This is for you if you are interested in lending objects of cultural value to museum exhibitions worldwide. The loan could either be of objects from your personal collection (i.e. as a collector or artist), your organisation's collection or the collection of a client on whose behalf you are acting (i.e. as an Art Advisor or Wealth Manager).

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Finding privately owned works

Non-profit accredited museums who would like to include privately owned piece in their upcoming exhibitions.

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