Vastari Exhibitions

Touring your exhibitions allows you to reach new audiences and to extend public awareness of your collection and institution.

Vastari’s marketplace is the only global resource that allows museum professionals and producers to share and browse comprehensive records of touring exhibitions, allowing them to make more informed decisions on who to collaborate with.

Touring exhibitions

List your exhibitions on our portal to connect with hosting venues from accredited museums who are actively looking for exhibitions for their upcoming programme.

Hosting exhibitions

Access hundreds of exhibitions on a turn-key or co production basis for your programme.

Manage your exhibitions
Create beautifully designed and comprehensive records of your exhibitions. They will be searchable by theme, hiring fee, space required and availability, ensuring you will only be contacted by highly interested colleagues
Discover what other museums are looking for and connect with them suggesting your relevant exhibitions
If you think something is relevant to someone who isn't on Vastari yet, you can also share the exhibitions externally.
Create a list of institutions you want to promote your exhibitions to and our team will start the outreach on your behalf

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Promoting exhibitions

Anyone who needs support in finding a venue for their exhibitions including:

  • Collectors
  • Curators
  • Exhibition managers
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Finding exhibitions

Anyone who needs support in finding the right exhibition for their programming including:

  • Directors of exhibitions
  • Exhibition coordinators
  • Heads of exhibitions
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