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The Vastari Global Report is the result of our last seven years of operation. Because our team speaks with hundreds of institutions a week, we have acquired a significant amount of knowledge and data about the industry and how museums operate - identifying the most insightful trends in exhibitions.

This report clarifies strategies that will work for certain exhibitions and not others and explains the important differences between regions and types of institutions. Our report provides insight into the lead times at museums, expectations they have of partners, and the type of content that is most popular. We address - specific questions such as, which regions of the world have the best market for the content you are developing for a traveling exhibition. The Vastari Global Report helps answer these questions based on hard data.

Exhibition Finance Report

In addition to the Global Institution Report, Vastari will also be publishing an “Exhibition Finance Report” which includes information about museum budgets and, more broadly, the economics of exhibitions. The report helps to answer questions such as: Are budgets for importing exhibitions in line with the prices of shows currently on the market? Who tends to cover insurance and shipping?

Lindsay Dewar, who is a seasoned veteran of data analysis for the art world, will be collaborating on producing this report. Lindsay is currently working for ArtTactic and has been involved with two of its main partnership publications; the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report and the TEFAF Art Dealer Finance Report.


Bernadine Brocker (CEO) & Francesca Polo (COO)

What kind of findings you can expect in the Vastari Global Report and Exhibition Finance Report

Vastari Report Graph 2Regions of Museums Surveyed

Of the first 500 museums surveyed, a high proportion are based in North America and Europe. Vastari will continue to gather information from more museums throughout the year, meaning future updates of the report will also focus on emerging markets.

Vastari Report Graph 2Regions of Museums Surveyed
Vastari Report Graph 3Months in advance that venues define their exhibition programme

So far, every decision about exhibition planning and strategy has been developed in siloes. With the Vastari Global Report and the Exhibition Finance Report, institutions, suppliers, collectors, foundations and producers are able to assess their strategy in context and think ahead to ensure the most positive results.

Even something relatively simple, such as how far in advance institutions plan their exhibitions, has not been analysed before at this scale.

I’ve known the team at Vastari for years and am delighted they have decided to share the insights from their research with the world.

Having worked closely with museums and cultural institutions in the UK, I can see how important it is for them to understand the working practices of their international counterparts.

Ed Vaizey
Former Minister for Culture, United Kingdom

Ed Vaizey

At the Art Business Conference, we strive to empower the industry with knowledge and skill-sharing.

We really appreciate that Vastari has decided to share their findings with the wider art & culture industry and look forward to sharing the findings with the visitors of our conference.

Louise Hamlin
Director of the Art Business Conference, United Kingdom

Louise Hamlin

Over the last 50 years, we have arranged insurance for the museum sector and collectors of art in the UK and Internationally. Understanding our clients’ insurance requirements in an ever-changing arena is essential to the future of our business and we look forward to learning more about the changing needs and expectations of our clients from the unique perspective provided by The Vastari Global Report.

Blackwall Green
Early Subscriber

Blackwall Green

Vastari’s reporting is critical to the cultural sector. The findings are not merely perceptual but quantitative and based on key institutional numbers. The data is real and provides a level of insight never before revealed. The data will inform operational models and impact trends for the future.

Nicholas Merkelson
Consultant, Lord Cultural Resources

Nicholas Merkelson


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