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Vastari facilitates connections between content owners and museums globally, bringing together collectors and exhibition industry professionals. Operating at the intersection of culture and technology enables us to analyse the latest worldwide trends and behaviours around collections, exhibitions, institutions and beyond.

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Our Global Perspective

Vastari reports are compiled with the participation of exhibition industry professionals and individuals located across over fifty countries


Challenge your understanding of how the industry works. Through detailed analysis from our large and diverse dataset, we shed light on the forces and tensions affecting the exhibition and art ecosystem.


Vastari asks the right questions and provides you with unique insights, meaning that future behaviours and strategies are formulated with the benefit of greater intelligence.

Reports on Collecting Webinar Series

Tackling sustainability and climate change in the art world

Thursday, 27th August 5pm BST

Hidden Treasures: Private collections in storage

Monday, 7th September 5pm BST

Artists as the glue between collectors and museums

Tuesday, 15th September 5pm BST

A generational shift in museum patronage

Tuesday, 22nd September 4pm BST

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Global Trends Reports

Global Collector Trends

Launched October 2020

Key developments amongst Vastari’s global collectors looking at their age, demographic, motivations, and relationships with museums, artists and suppliers.

Vastari Global Trends

Launched October 2018

Extensive analysis of the museum industry, identifying the key trends in the exhibitions ecosystem.

Finance Reports

The Finances Behind Collecting

Launched October 2020

Examining how budgets are allocated to owning, developing and managing a collection. Do collectors lend to museums out of financial interest or are other reasons emerging?

Exhibition Finance Trends

Launched October 2018

Statistics and analyses of museum budgets and the wider economics of exhibitions.


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Vastari's Report Team

Lindsay Dewar

Lindsay DewarArt Market Consultant

Lindsay Dewar is a seasoned veteran of data analysis for the art world. Working with ArtTactic she has contributed to two of its main partnership publications; the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report and the TEFAF Art Dealer Finance Report.

Beatrice Ridley

Beatrice RidleyArt Advisor

Formerly an in-house lawyer with Deloitte & Touche LLP, Beatrice Ridley is an art advisor specialising in contemporary art. She has over 8 years experience working with emerging and established artists from around the world. In recent years she has increased her role as an independent art advisor and consultant, helping develop corporate and private collections.

Andrea Bozal Parejo

Andrea Bozal ParejoData Analyst

Andrea has 6 years of experience in quality assurance and master data maintaining, having previously worked in a leading European organisation. She holds a degree in Business from Universidad Pública de Navarra.

Biggles Bristol

Biggles BristolData Scientist

Biggles is a computer scientist with degrees from the University of Oxford and Parsons Paris. He's been working at the intersection of gaming, art, data and the experience economy his whole career.

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