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Security and Privacy

We know the art world, and one of the most important things collectors and curators value is privacy and security online. From the outset, we have made this our highest priority.

The Vastari system sets itself apart by providing all members with the highest modern standards of security and privacy:

- Vastari restricts access to collection information between the Private Members. Only approved museums and curators (Institutional Members) are able to see what Private Members upload to “My Collection.”

- Vastari offers multiple levels of privacy catered to your needs. If necessary, your name and all personal information may remain anonymous. Additionally, Vastari does not store any personal information and/orcard details.

- Vastari never shares your personal information. Uploaded collections do not appear in other online search engines. If you only wish to use Vastari for collection management and digitisation rather than its networking features, you can “Hide” your collection from the Vastari searches by verified and approved museum professionals.

- Vastari employs a PCI-compliant, SSL-encrypted hosting service of equal standards to those used by financial institutions and the health sector. All the contents and the processes of the site are also SSL-encrypted. 

(Note: As long as you keep your password safe, all of your information will remain securely encrypted. If you think someone might have access to your password, please change it immediately. Standard practice recommends you change your password every 3-4 months.)

- Vastari maintains a close relationship with The Art Loss Register.
As a collector, you may wish to check that your items have never been registered as lost, missing, fake or stolen. Please visit for details on how to search The Art Loss Register with your collection.
Vastari premium members receive searches on the Art Loss Register for a discounted rate. For more information please contact our team.

More concerns regarding the security of your collection and exhibitions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us at

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