Vastari COnsultancy

Vastari's team of experts is here to lend a helping hand every step of the way for your exhibition

We offer bespoke services to help you manage the presentation of your collection or exhibition to museums and private venues. Through direct outreach, our experienced specialists facilitate object loans from your collection and exhibition loans or touring for your exhibitions.

Feasibility report
Vastari can conduct preliminary research to test the market capacity for an exhibition idea. It represents the best way to evaluate the partner’s investment risk based on precedents, design the right project to meet the current market demand, and target appropriate venues to exhibit it
Vastari can produce a document written to museum standards that outlines the narrative of the exhibition and its unique elements
Vastari’s unique dataset and in house expertise can help you identify the right spaces to exhibit your content and build a focussed marketing strategy to secure partnerships
Vastari can help you identify the right partners to assemble, produce and manage the operations of turning a collection into an exhibition
Vastari can help you identify the right partners to manage the logistics, namely packing, shipping and insurance, necessary to tour your exhibition to multiple venues
Vastari can produce press and marketing collateral to target the right audience and define metrics to track the success of your exhibition
Vastari can help you assess the success of your exhibition once it opens, by monitoring the web and social media, producing bespoke reports for your show. The company also uses state-of-the-art hardware to monitor the content on display

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Owners and managers of private collections, foundations, brands and corporates who would like to leverage exhibitions to reach new audiences with a specific message and/or turn a collection in a revenue generating asset.

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