Vastari Services


Supporting your team to promote your touring exhibitions with a bespoke approach

The Vastari team can provide you with strategic advice to target the museums that are more likely to be interested in your touring shows, and reach out to them on your behalf to check their level of interest in your exhibitions.

Strategy call
Your account manager and a member of our research team will be calling you to define the criteria to shortlist institutions that are a good fit for your shows in a specific geography, based on Vastari data, CRM and reports
Account Management
A dedicated account manager will focus on your exhibition for the full duration of our contract, report on the progress of the promotion every month and connect you directly to any leads that are interested in your exhibitions
3-week email campaign to the shortlisted institutions Follow up phone calls and/or emails with interested parties
You will receive a report outlining the results of the campaigns including open-rate, clicks and replies for marketing emails and feedback from phone calls at the end of every month

Is it for you?

Professionals managing touring exhibitions including looking for assistance on any of the below

  • Filling a specific gap in the show’s tour calendar
  • Market testing an exhibition concepts before going into production
  • Teams that require additional outsourced manpower for a campaign
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