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Save on costs

When your artworks are placed in exhibitions, you save on storage & restoration costs


We are your link to museums

We are in regular contact with 6000+ museums and 3500+ curators, with our database increasing on a daily basis


Increase the value of your artworks

Artworks reputedly increase in value by 20% on average, when included in a museum exhibition

How it works


List your artworks anonymously

Upload your collection and choose if you want it to be listed to curators, or kept private


Respond to requests

Respond directly to 'call for entries' posted by museum curators


Place your artworks

Have your objects selected for exhibitions around the world

Premium services

Premium services are quoted for on a bespoke basis, based on day rates for each deliverable

Professional photography

Cataloguing by experts from the relevant field

Market analysis for collection potential partners

Bespoke introductions to museums

Assistance hiring a collection curator




£1,0001,250€$1,400 /year

Unlimited object uploads and institution searches

Access to object requests from museums, and monthly updates with new requests

Includes 5 searches with Art Loss Register


£2,5002,750€$3,250 /year

All the benefits listed in the Portal membership

Dedicated personal advisor to liaise with museums

Proactive outreach to your chosen institutions

Advanced notifications of new object requests




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