Vastari Bespoke Services

With a highly skilled and experienced team, and a network of almost 10,000 participating museums, galleries, collectors and artists interacting with us, Vastari is uniquely placed to add value to your organisation.

Whether it's a short, sharp collaboration/promotion, or a longer term consultancy, we are happy to discuss any projects falling within the Arts, Culture, Exhibitions and Technology space.

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Vastari Connects Webinars & Roundtables

Our professionally produced and well attended Webinars provide the perfect opportunity for services to be described, products to be sold, questions answered and collaborations secured.  Whether you want us to create a single webinar, or a programme of webinars across a central theme/s; we will work with you to ensure that your event is professional and on-point, targeting the desired audience and achieving the right results.

Vastari Roundtables are an alternative to our Webinars, offering a more open, collaborative approach. These streamlined, more targeted sessions, can include participants with a wide range of opinions on a host of topics. Audience participation can easily be facilitated and encouraged as part of the event.

Venue Matching & Content Promotion

A service popular amongst many of our Vastari Exhibitions subscribers, our promotional services are now also available to new clients not currently listing on our platform.

If you produce a show/s which you are keen to tour, our team of researchers will work with you to shortlist the most relevant venues. We will assess a range of factors including venue budget, exhibition history, facilities and geographical location. A particular shows theme, scale, history and target markets will also be considered, in turn creating a highly targeted lead list of suitable institutions.

We also offer an active outreach service, either as part of the list building service or a stand alone package. This involves our team promoting and marketing your show/s to our network of contacts at agreed institutions.

Other projects and advisory services

Vastari offer a wide range of consultancy services across multiple projects including:

Object or Content Search & Introductions

Exhibition Feasibility Reports

Curatorial Proposals

and much more......

Vastari's network of connections has helped Moco Museum grow its diverse and inspiring collections of modern and contemporary art.

Lusette van der Moolen

Exhibitions and Collections, MOCO Museum