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Save time

Focus on the conversations that matter, with potential partners we qualify as a lead for you


Significantly reduce costs

Outsource research to our team of matchmakers at a fraction of the price of running a dedicated touring exhibitions department


Diversify your audiences

Access data of key demographics visiting institutions from our global network of museums and specialist centers

How it works


List your exhibition

Upload information relating to content, logistics, conditions & marketing


Work with our matchmaking team

Our dedicated matchmaking team will help define your strategy and promote your exhibition to hosting venues


Place your exhibition

Match with potential hosting venues for your exhibition tour, with straightforward, actionable feedback on your proposals

Premium services

Premium services are quoted for on a bespoke basis, based on day rates for each deliverable

Outsourced curatorship and expertise

Market research to identify appropriate venues for the exhibition tour

Exhibition proposal preparation and design

Messaging consultancy for a specific (international) audience

Outsourced registrar services

Outsourced logistics management

Exhibition catalogue production

Revenue model consultancy




£500600€$700 /year

Unlimited exhibition listings, edits, searches, messages and exchanges on a dynamic global marketplace

Newsletter promotion to over 8,800 museum professionals


£1,0001,250€$1,400 /year

All the benefits listed in the Basic Account

A dedicated advisor from the Vastari team to target 50 contacts from a database of over 8,800 venues




£2,0002,500€$2,800 /year

All the benefits listed in the Basic Account

A dedicated adviser from the Vastari team to target 120 contacts from a database of over 8,800 venues 

What our customers say about us

National Geographic has a fabulous dinosaur exhibition that just finished a long stay at the Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona. We wanted to keep it traveling in Spain for the next leg of the tour.

Vastari helped make a fast and fruitful connection for us with the stunning Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències Museum in Valencia.

Jennifer Wallace
Director, Museum Partnerships

National Geographic

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