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As a Museum Trustee, I have found Vastari's seminars invaluable in terms of learning best practice from experts on the new technologies and partnership models museums must now embrace to engage with their communities.

There is no going back to the old way of doing things and Vastari's seminars shine a light on a future full of opportunities.

Dr Carol Bell

Vice President, National Museum Wales

Cardiff, UK

I've attended Vastari webinars as a guest, a panelist and indeed a sponsor. Their events are always professional, engaging and insightful.

Anna Lowe

Co-Founder, Smartify

London, UK

Vastari Reports

Vastari facilitates connections between content owners and museums globally, bringing together collectors and exhibition industry professionals. Operating at the intersection of culture and technology enables us to analyse the latest worldwide trends and behaviours around collections, exhibitions, institutions and beyond. Vastari reports are compiled with the participation of exhibition industry professionals and individuals located across over fifty countries.


Challenge your understanding of how the industry works. Through detailed analysis from our large and diverse dataset, we shed light on the forces and tensions affecting the exhibition and art ecosystem.


Vastari asks the right questions and provides you with unique insights, meaning that future behaviours and strategies are formulated with the benefit of greater intelligence.

Global Trends Reports

Global Collector Trends

October 2020

Key developments amongst Vastari's global collectors looking at their age, demographic, motivations, and relationships with museums, artists and suppliers.

Vastari Global Trends

October 2018

Extensive analysis of the museum industry, identifying the key trends in the exhibitions ecosystem.

Finance Reports

The Finances Behind Collecting

October 2020

Examining how budgets are allocated to owning, developing and managing a collection. Do collectors lend to museums out of financial interest or are other reasons emerging?

Exhibition Finance Trends

October 2018

Statistics and analyses of museum budgets and the wider economics of exhibitions.

The Vastari Collector Report has enabled us to gain a valuable insight into the diversity and motivations of our client demographic, delightfully reassuring us that our global business is moving in the right direction with our activities and plans.

This has also challenged us to think about what a client looks for in their art handling storage provider, all so very important for an ever-changing and eco-aware art world.

David Preston

Regional Director UK & Ireland, Crown Fine Art

London, UK